Burning hate - Warmachine (dvd-digi)

Limited edition that comes in a dvd-digi which is only made in 444pcs and we have only a handful.

Nine years have passed and humanity continues to destroy itself, the perfect time to wash away all the filth in a new Metalcore thunderstorm. The boys had to compensate for some changes of line-up and they did a great job. The complete work is more sophisticated than its predecessor "Your time is running out" therefore and is never bored by the changing vocals and a lot of melody! The crowning finale is a Bloodshed Cover, in which Uwocaust personally supports the boys. The design fits like a fist on the eye, it remains only to say that for friends of tougher music this album is an absolute must-have and the rest should absolutely risk an ear

1. Warmachine

2. My world goes down

3. All is silent, all is dead

4. Frei sein

5. Aufenstehung

6. Jesusu Christ

7. Infected world

8. Salvation from hell

9. Believe in yourself

10. Victim of madness

11. Tal det lämmer (Bloodshed)

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