BTK - Medusa Digi

Tons heavy! This is the best way to describe the album “Medusa” by BTK (a Lass Leben project) in short form. What is delivered here is what the NS Deathcore genre mostly lacked - namely: a fat production, and a clear understanding of brutality when it comes to music. Here 10 tracks literally stomp, rage and romp from the system and you wish you could squeeze a few more decibels out of your home speakers. But "ballad fans" watch out! This album can't do without melody and clear vocals. In terms of sound technology, the WAR Studio did a great job before it was passed on to the Nebelhorn recording studio for final finishing. And so you don't have to hide behind any “big” numbers from this genre in terms of production. The booklet contains all the texts and of course invites you to sing along and growl. "Medusa" appears as a digipack and is strictly limited to 777 units and hand-numbered. Hold on!

01. Trommelschlag

02. Eisenjugend

03. Medusa

04. Bestie

05. Wir, Ihr Sklaven

06. Kamerad

07. Europas Sturm

08. Sekt Und Maden (mit Feindnah)


10. Das Deutsche Lied

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