Blutrein - Naturkampf Limited edition

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Also this year Uwocaust must not be missing! And I had to open the eavesdropping twice at the first listening, because here comes a real bomb to you! Brachial music in a brutal sound robe, hard, snappy lyrics and a Uwe in top form! I may lean a bit out of the window, but I have not heard anything good as this from him for a long time! His releases have always been top notch, but with "Blutrein" he puts a lot in the shade! The 16 songs (plus bonus) literally roll through the plant! Musically, I would call it a mix of Rock, Metal and HC, so really something for everyone The one or the other melody could seem familiar * grin * Graphically, this masterpiece is worthy complemented by a bold booklet with all texts and matching design! Top part, so it may continue!

01. Hüter Des Blutes
02. Völkischer Sozialist
03. Deutsches Volk Vs ''Gutmenschentum''
04. Europa
05. Niemals Schweigen
06. Nach Dem Feuer
07. In Memoriam - H.M.
08. ...Tief Aus Dem Herzen
09. Kampf Der Naturen
10. Wir Sind Zurück
11. ...Termine
12. Freiheit Oder Untergang
13. Ode - Dem Bazillus
14. Relügjon
15. Ich Geh Den Weg
16. Die Nacht Der Revanche

17. Negativ (Bonus)

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