Bataillon 500 - Standhaft und Treu (Limited edition) (B500)

This is the limited version was mad in 510pcs and comes in a leather case.

The Batallion is back! Last time we heard from them was on the album Heldenopfer which came out last year. Here we have 11 new tracks full of German rage. Comes with a 12-page glossy booklet. Top album from a top band!

01. Retter der Nation!
02. Frithjof Elmo Porsch
03. Mecklenburg und Vaterland!
04. Trümmerfrauen
05. Kriegstagebuch
06. Kein Erbarmen!
07. Feindkontakt
08. Heimatboden
09. Dank an die Kameraden
10. Blick nach Osten

11. Nationaler Sozialismus

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