Überfolk - Music for nations 2CD Digi

Blending elements of classical, folk, rock, and orchestral music, Überfolk has arrived with a decisive double album debut - 19 songs, and 80 minutes long.

Combining the rich baritone vocals of George Burdi with the soaring soprano vocals of Cat Weiss, Überfolk walks the way of beauty, delivering song after song of harmonic unity.

As the modern world veers ever closer to the edge of the unknown, a new energy has emerged, bringing people back to their ancestral roots and the world of Tradition. Überfolk’s lyrics take us on a journey through the ages, combining philosophy and a sense of history with indigenous spirituality, all the while imploring the listener to go inward and find the kernel of wisdom inherent in all.

Anchored by the lead vocals of George Burdi, known best for his role in 1990s iconic metal band RAHOWA, later for his role in the industrial electronic act NOVACOSM, Überfolk is a culmination of decades of music writing and shows a seasoned songwriter at his creative best.

Classically-trained female vocalist Cat Weiss provides lead and backing vocals on several songs, utilizing her background ranging from musical theatre to heavy metal. While she has participated in a number of different musical projects over the years, Music For Nations marks her professional debut. Cat’s experience with a variety of different musical genres makes itself apparent in her vocal versatility and in her songwriting contributions.

While Burdi’s controversial past is well known, Überfolk is a project aimed at positive messaging, evoking European history, in a life-affirming and culturally uplifting expression. The music is timeless, both in its instrumentation and broad lyrical references, and is written for those wishing to escape the sad landscape of the modern world into a sonic domain where anything is possible.

1.  Präludium - Der Weg eines Kriegers
2.  The Warrior Poet
3. Watching Mind
4. Arcadia
5. My Ancestors
6. Law of Life
7. Old Souls
8. Walk With Giants
9. Away
10. The Final Roar
11. Stardust
12. Hyperborean Sun
13. A Prayer For My People
14. Waning Days
15. Waiting For The Fall
16. 1916
17.The Sun Invincible
18.This Death 04:54

19. Song For Sweden (Europa!)

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