Tara - Indiziert


Great album and good musicianship and the pure, heartfelt passion of the lyrics... Although she has been around for quite a while, this is Tara's second full length album and showcases her immense progress since the debut compact disc was released. Filled with ballads and rock/metal tracks, this is a must-own for all White Nationalists. 8 songs with English vocals and 5 tracks sung in German.


1. Für Helmut (Lyrics - Tara, Music - Annett)

2. Mehr Sein Als Scheinen (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

3. Kamarad, Bleib Standhaft (Lyrics - Sebastian D, Music - Tara)

4. Vor Dem Gefängnistor (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

5. Schlesierlied (German Folk Song)

6. Survivor (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

7. My Brother (Lyrics And Music  - Tara)

8. If This Is Freedom (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

9. Our Flag, Our Pride (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

10. Tribute To The Fallen (Lyrics - Ken Mclellan, Music - Tara)

11. Forgotten Son Of Germany (Lyrics And Music - Tara)

12. The Dead Don’t Hear (Lyrics - Ken Mclellan, Music - Tara)

13. For Helmut (Lyrics - Tara, Music - Annett)


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