Solidarity album - Never Loose Your Smile! 2CD Digi

Double cd as digipack, limited to 500 units.

One unreleased song along with26 classics is featured on this cd.

All the funds go directly to a legal struggle in Portugal, where a group of comrades received prison time between 4 and 11 years.

CD 1

Ariosophen- Never loose your smile

Battle Axe- Hammerskin Strong

Brüder zur Freiheit-  HSN

Bulldog Breed- HFFH

Bully Boys- Hammerskins

Confident of Victory- He is a Hammerskin

Definite Hate- HSN

Dying Breed- Hammerskin Nation

Endlöser- Elite of the Masses


Flatlander- HFFH

Freikorps- Erik Banks

Hetzjagd- Hammerskins

Kilgore/ Yardbombs- All in the family

The Brawlers- Saturday Night

CD 2

Max Resist- Hammerskins

Mistreat- Never forgive never forget

Odins Law- Eric Banks lives on

Pure Rampage- Matt& Kelly Tribute

Red White& Black- Crossed Hammers

Verzerzerödes- Brotherhood

World Hate Center- HSN

Zurzir- Hammerskin Nation

DST- The Nation

Fortress- Victory of Valhalla

Midtown Boot Boys- Rich mans war

Bound for Glory- Our Voice is stronger

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