Scum - The fight goes on

Another slice of British skinhead history, a band that came, did their thing and went off again to do their own thing. This is the bands original album, demo and some live stuff, 27 songs in total, all re-mastered. Packed in a nice 20 page booklet with lyrics, photos and more. Get it in your collection today if you are a fan of the old british way or rock!

1. Intro

2. The fight goes on... 

3. Oi mate 

4. Drug pusher

5. Reclaim the streets 

6. Back street fight

7. We won't change  

8. No chance 

9. Skinhead curse 

10. U.S.E 

11. Ballad of ten men Tom 

12. English and proud 

13. Fight the system 

14. Teenage slag 

15. Vengence 

16. Y.B.S.A.

+ Bonus + demos etc.

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