Ian Stuart & White Diamond - True blood (us-import)

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White Diamond is side project from Ian Stuart which goes in rougher rock/metal way compared to Skrewdriver and his other projects and solo albums. This album contains both albums, The reaper 1991 and The power and glory from 1992.

1. On the wings of the storm

2. Judge

3. Hands of a stranger

4. Talisman (02:41)

5. Hard road

6. Memories

7. The reaper

8. A friend is a friend

9. Wishing well (Free)

10. Living on the edge

11. Bright city lights

12. Rise up

13. Refugee

14. Outlaw

15. Politician

16. Take no prisoners

17. No man's land

18. Jumping Jack

19. The only one

20. To Freedom we ride

21. Ain't got the time

22. The power and the Glory

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