Ian Stuart Memorial 2013 (2CD Limited box)

This is something you don´t want to miss for every penny in the world!

Last years ISD memorial in Ukraine on two full cd´s with many many good bands! The golden rule is to don't spare any expenses when you should arrange a gig in honour of the godfather and that rule is this cd a living proof of, the sound quality is sharp like a knife.

The first cd (European version) includes Warlord, Landser and Skrew you, the last band have members that actually have played with Ian in Skrewdriver, and on vocals you have the mighty Griffin! Superb!


On the second cd (Russian version) you have bands like Antisystem,Monom,Revenge and Sokyra Peruna. Both cd´s together includes over 40 tracks and comes in a nice box that are limited to 500x .When it´s sold out it won't come back again!




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