English Rose - Never be silenced while the flame still burns

Originally recorded by English Rose at the beginning of the 1990's. This CD contains both 1991's "Never Be Silenced" and 1992's "The Flame Still Burns". These 20 classic skinhead anthems showcase the heyday of Oi! and R.A.C. music from the Mecca of this style - England. This release comes in a DVD case packaging with full color artwork and a beautiful 12 page DVD-style booklet with all lyrics, pictures, English Rose history and more. Even if you already own the vinyl or the earlier out-of-press cd versions, you will not want to leave this out of your collection!



1. Never Be Silenced
2. Smash Red Action
3. There's No Justice
4. For Race And Nation
5. Traitor Beware
6. Police Aggression
7. S.H.A.R.P.
8. Wasting Away
9. Stop The Invasion
10. England Belongs To Me
11. A.W.B. (Ready & Waiting)
12. Rock Against Communism
13. Torn Apart
14. Make 'Em Pay!
15. We Remember You
16. White Unity
17. No Friend Of Mine
18. The Flame Still Burns
19. Alive & Kicking
20. Never Change me





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