Crucified - Do or die

A new British band is here, with Steve from Whitelaw on vocals, and it’s fantastic that they choose us, Midgård, as their label!

It’s a bit tricky to describe this single and the genre of the band, so we asked the band members, which we probably shouldn’t have done :-)

"Aggressive hooligan oi! From England"

"Soft, relaxing melodies, from England" (maybe a tiny bit irony here?)

"Middle of the road adult orientated thug rock, with soothing vocals"

"Awesome debut release from the self-proclaimed kings of British Thug Rock, who don't like to blow their own trumpets or anything like that.. but are definitely the dogs’ doodahs"

"A very powerful and angry mini cd from new English thug rock/ oi! Outfit CRUCIFIED... WARNING this cd will fuel your rage at society.. and if you don't like this then you're mostly likely gay, at the very least quite effeminate.. unless you're a bird, then in which case ignore this.. unless you're a lezza, which is fine by us"

Anyways! Here are Crucified! Like it or hate it! Do or die!

1. Do or die

2. Life sentence

3. Filled with hate (demo)

4. Kneel for no man (demo)

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