Brutal attack - Thunder and lightning

25(!) years anniversary album from one of the absolutely top bands in the scene.

Brutal Attack have played a major role in the development of the White power resistance music. No one will say against that. Thrue all these years Ken&Co. always had a very high class of their recordings. Some better then others and some not as good as the top albums. But always very high class on everything Ken put his name on. He traveled the world and inspirerd thousends and thousends of white people wherever he comes.

And here they are again(!) with a top album. 25 years after the start back in 1980 when Ken McLellan was a young kid. This is back to the roots, back to the winning concept of old school Brutal Attack-Rock'n'Roll. We have no doubt that this album in few years will be ranked along with such as Tales of glory etc.



1. Kings of speed
2. Why?
3. Too many people
4. Every dog has its day
5. Healing hands
6. Freedom train
7. Set me free
8. Living on the edge
9. Betwen the lines
10. Become sacrifice
11. Carry me home





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