A musical tribute to Ian stuart Donaldson & Skrewdriver

Many tributes cd´s are made to honour the godfather and Skrewdriver but this one really sticks out from the others! The cd goes in "unplugged" way with a lot of unusual instruments even some crazy instruments ;) and on the top of that a well known and powerfull vocie on vocals (We hope that this is just the beginning) that really but the lyrics to more then words on a paper!


Take our advise and don´t miss this one!


01. God of thunder

02. Breakout

03. Where´s it gonna end

04. Better off crazy

05. A case of pride

06. Before the night falls 

07. The new boss

08. Skrew you

09. I know what I want

10. Flying the flag

11. Thunder in the cities

12. Their kingdom will fall 

13. Judgement day

14. The evil crept in

15. Diamonds in the dust/Hail victory

16. White trash 

17. White noise

18. Blood and honour

19. Time to die

20. Tomorrow is always too late 




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