Der Wehrwolf #4 + CD

Issue number 4 of the fanzine Der Wehrwolf contains interviews with David Lane, Acheron, Angantyr, Angelcorpse, Axis of advance and much more. Written in English. Comes with a cdr.


01. Mourning The Ancient - Opening Scene 'The Road Ahead'   
02. Mikael Of Thy Primordial - From Scene Two 'The Search For
03. Xanataph Of Beltane - Through Her Eyes Of Death' From Scene Four 'Restless'   
04. Peter Of Abigor - From Scene Five 'Their Lies In Ashes'   
05. Necros Of Theatres Des Vampires - From Scene Seven 'The Flames Of Madness'   
06. Mark Of Mourning The Ancient' From The Scene 'Escape From Paradise'   
07. Peter Of Abigor   
08. Primitive Supremacy    Haunted Starlight   
09. Primitive Supremacy    He Lives!   
10. Primitive Supremacy    Voices In The Night   
11. Primitive Supremacy    Disharmony   
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